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DVD Clearout


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Trying to tidy up my room at the moment and looking to get rid of a few unwanteds:

The L Word Season 1 - 15 - *SOLD

The L Word Season 2 - 15 - *SOLD

The L Word Season 3 - 15 - *SOLD

If anyone wants all 3 I'll sell them together for 30

Heroes Season 2 - 10

Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2 - 10

House of Flying Daggers - 5

New Dragon Gate Inn - 5

Far From Heaven - 3

Corpse Bride - 3

Glengarry Glen Ross - 3

Deer Hunter - 3

Science of Sleep - 3

Persepolis - 3

Gommorah - 3

Brick - 3

The Assassination of Jesse James - 3

No Country for Old Men - 3

I'll be adding more this evening.

Replies in this thread take priority over PMs as I'll be checking here first. Can deliver to city centre as I'm in uni 3 days a week. Can do weekends as well.

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I'm giving you three seasons of lesbian sex and drama to watch with your willing girlfriend. What more can I do?

That was a poor effort, but I've done it anyway!

I probably won't watch many of these tbh, but now I can sit my gf down in front of it, and it gives me free rein to watch my go and watch Doctor Who box sets in the other room without her complaining. Now that's smart thinking :up:

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