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Hey guys,

My band, Only The Brave is currently looking for both a standalone singer and a drummer. Our first drummer left a couple of months ago, and although we've been playing with a session drummer we feel a full band is neccesary for writing new material effectively. We've also decided that a member fully dedicated to singing would help us progress musically, as currently the guitar stuff we can do is limited due to it being near impossible to sing and play more complex riffs at the same time.

We've got a couple of songs up on ONLY THE BRAVE (LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER + SINGER) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. Have a listen and if you're interested in either of the posts either let me know on here or by message on myspace.


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yeah i'm interested in playing the drums for you guys, just had a jam to some of your stuff from myspace and i have lots of ideas, message me if you want...

sweet man. we've got a few people who are keen, so i think we're sorting out doing auditions at some point as soon as possible. i'll give you a message when we've got more of an idea of what's going on.

Don't get a standalone singer! Standalone singers suck up all the credit and will probably fuck your girlfriend if they get the chance. Just warning you.

yeah i've considered this, but i'm not a massive fan of being the 'frontman' figure anyways. i'd rather have somebody else stealing the limelight a little. as long as they don't fuck my girlfriend it's fine by me!

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Interested in otb. I liked what I heard on myspace and av been singing away to the songs.

Gies a shout.

nice one man. once we've got a list of potential new members we'll get in contact with everyone and sort something out in the way of auditions or whatever. would you happen to have any links to past projects/youtube videos/anything that can give me and idea of your singing style? Thanks.

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Even if you're not a singer or a drummer yourself (or if my band isn't really your thing), if you know of anybody you think might be interested, please let me know. We've had quite a few responses so far, but we're looking for as large a number of people as possible before we start auditioning new members. Cheers (:

ONLY THE BRAVE (LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER + SINGER) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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