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Ibanez K7 and Kramer Striker guitars for sale

Lenny Helsing

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Hi all...This is my first post here and it's really as a favour for a friend. He has a couple of guitars that he is looking to sell. Both are in tip-top shape, the first is an Ibanez K-7 seven string affair, designed by them guys from metal-thrash group Korn. The other is an old Kramer Striker. Like the K-7 this make has also been discontinued. So, I said I would go round the various shops and online facilities to try and garner some interest in these here axes. I went to R&B, and I've also been to Macari's and a few other guitar caves in Soho, in London, and they've all told me varying things. So, if anyone is interested here, or know what market exists for them kindsa guitars in 2010 - preferably outside of eBay if poss...then I'd be very grateful for your advice, comments and such like. I've taken some photos and collected various data from the guitars, which I will put up in due course, if any interest is there. OK Cheers and Best for now - Lenny

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I had a Kramer Striker, is it the ST 100, Unrealised by myself at the time its plywood, and a cheapo (215 in 1989), also stock pickup(s) is ding. If it looked like my old one I'd pay up to 100-120 purely for nostalgia purposes. Otherwise its from the days before non-Japanese far eastern guitars were no where near as good as they are now, like my ply Squier. Pics please.

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