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Drumkit for sale


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Pearl SRX Session Custom

Marine Blue Fade finish.

6 ply maple.

12", 13", 16", 22" (standard rock sizes).

Pearl 800 and 900 series cymbal stands + CH-70 clamps. (will need to count out how many I have as the kit is a shell pack so didn't originally come with ANY hardware.)

Pearl H-1000K Hi-Hat stand.

Pearl D-1000SP throne.

Pearl S-800W snare stand.

No snare (I bought it without a snare as I already have my Pearl Omar Hakim).

No cymbals included.

No bass drum pedal included.




Somewhat uncommon kit (SRX model). Now discontinued. High end, very high quality kit (below a Masters but >Forum, Export, Vision etc.).

Very full and responsive kit with lots of presence and cut. Nice brightness and good fullness even when tuned low.

Looking for around 1200 for all that lot. Open to - sensible - offers.


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No offence, that is a hella price! Considering I got a masters with snare for around 800

Sweet kit tho

Aye I have to agree like. Im a big Pearl fan and Ive spent well over 5-6k on my Masters set up (pictured) but I would get no way near that now if I sold it. Pearl kits have a high depressiation on them as they sell so many. Nice kit though. Love the colour. :up:

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