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Soda Jerk

FS: LTD Viper50 w/ SD Dimebucker

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So, I've got this thing gathering dust, wasting away in my bedroom. It's actually a very nice guitar to play. Sounds thick and boomy due to the girth of the body, and it has superb action. Very low and easy to play all along the board. The pickups have been gutted and swapped a dozen times, so I no longer have the originals. It's a Dimebucker in the bridge, which is decent for high gain tones. I have no idea what is in the neck, but it sounds fine, although I don't use neck pickups much.

Couple of dings on the body, which I'll photograph soon. I'll get it restringed too before it goes, so it'll be ready to play.

Photos soon. Otherwise, have a good for LTD Viper50. Mine's the black one.

Be looking for around 170. It's in decent nick, and has the Dimebucker in it. I'll even throw in an Ibanez Super 58 pickup for the bridge for free, if that's any better for you. I'll consider part ex's or swaps for distortion pedals. Love distortion pedals.

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Bump. Few pictures. Price drop to 150

(The stop-bar is off, due to taking the strings off, but I still have it!)


(Ignore the crazy reflections in the finish. They're not marks or anything)


(chip on top of body, just up from the strap button closest to the bridge, about 2 or 3mm wide)


(round circular ding below bridge, next to controls, about half the size of a 5p.)


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I still have this. 100 and it's yours. I'll even restring the thing for an extra 0.00.

I dunno if it needs a set up or anything, but it's a fine guitar. Nice big sound, and has really great action and intonation. It had just been set up before I stopped using it in favour of a Tele, so it should be good to go!

Have it! Trades also welcome again. Tell me what you've got. Pedals that make noise, or even a cheapo bass would be considered. Innit.

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