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Hey folks,

I was hoping that some of you more blog-minded individuals could give me a wee helping hand...

Our album is being mixed and, once it's done, I'm going to do the usual run of promo tracks for the usual suspects but I'm man enough to admit that it's been a while since I did this last and the landscape has changed.

I'd really appreciate it if people could let me know about any good blogs/sites that deal with indie/pop/rock that I should send mp3s etc to. It doesn't have to just be blogs, but that is one area where the internet has definitely outpaced me.

I've been trawling through the folk that I used to send things to and I'm conscious that a lot of them are either no longer working or out of print. Yes, I am old. Bah.

The thing is, I'm really proud of this record. I think it's easily the best thing I've ever been involved with, and I want people to hear it. It will have a physical release, but I want to start the ball rolling in advance of that.

Thanks in advance, and any help is greatly appreciated.


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Guest Gladstone

Speak to (or check out the sites of) Little Kicks / Indian Red Lopez / Cast of the Capital for starters - they've all had many a review of their music in the past year - to try and get an idea of some of the guys reviewing/blogging about music.

Original 106 (original_andy on here) would be a good place to ask as well. They might spin a tune on the radio for you, and they might get you in for a chat and a wee acoustic session.

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My old band recorded an EP and I sent it off to review to the following sites:

Is This Music?

Music News Unsigned


There was another one but I can't find the review or remember who it was. The reviews took a month or two to go up and not sure how popular some of those sites are (Is This Music? is pretty well known though) but worth getting a bit extra exposure.

Apologies for being lazy and not looking out the actual site addresses.

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