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POLAR BEAR CLUB - New monthly indie/alt/electro/retro club night @ Tunnels


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Indie/Electro/Alternative/Retro with DJs Ross Calder & JJ Bull

The Tunnels, Carneigies Brae

11pm - 3am

1st Friday of every month - eg Fri 5 Feb, Fri 5 March, Fri 2 April etc etc

also featuring guest DJ sets and live late night bands to be confirmed soon.


The club aims to provide a wide range of music that you wont find anywhere else at the weekend.

Entry only 3 - 18+ only


Why not come down and check it out!!!

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any drink promotions and such like Ross or just regular prices?

Unfortunately not man, current licensing pish means you cant do promos unless they last for 4 days so would be impossible as Tunnels would then have to run them Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon.

The music and bands we have lined up to play at upcoming nights will make it all worthwhile though! :)

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The name of this clubnight caused a lot of confusion on Tuesday at Tunnels as people began to get excited at the prospect of American punk rock band Polar Bear Club coming to Aberdeen :(

True, however I was a Polar Bear long before they were! I may sue them actually! By Polar Bear I mean that this was my nickname for ages! :)

I may well try to get them to play it soon! That would work!

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Thanks to everyone who came to the first night. Was a half decent turnout. Hopefully you all enjoyed. We cant wait to build on this and make the night better and better!

Next months one on Friday 5 March will feature a live late night set from the amazing Wolf pack Riot - Wolf Pack Riot on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Think Crystal Castles sort of stuff - affa good!

Looking forward to it already!

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