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WANTED: crybaby 535-Q wah


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I've got a Crybaby 535 that I'd consider selling. It's NOT a 535q, I guess this is a slightly earlier model. It has a knob on the side for different sweep settings, plus a seperate switch that gives you a boost, useful for solos and the like.

The 535Q features a "Variable Q" control and a "Boost Control" control knob.

Rather than try and describe it, I'll quote:

Dunlop's newest innovation is the variable 'Q' adjustment. This significant design innovation allows the player to effectively change the dynamics of the wah by controlling the resonance of the pedal. With the 'Q' control, the pedal can produce a broad range of dynamic response from an extremely sharp peak response to a shallow, more musical, broad bandpass sound.

The "Boost Control" is essentially the level of boost that the boost switch actually gives.

I can't remember the layout of the old 535 to remember if it had these on it also. I'd imagine that if any, it'd be the boost control but not the variable Q?

Personally - not trying to persuade the OP away from your 535 - the variable Q (and the "Fine Tune" on the Crybaby From Hell for that matter) are the most impacting aspects that make the higher end wahs than the GCB-95 (regular Crybaby) a worthwhile choice.


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