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Looking For Guitarist


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Looking for a guitarist for a metal/screamo/alternative band.

Influences include: Yashin and A Day To Remember with hints of heavier bands such as The Arusha Accord and All Shall Perish.

Ages between 15-17 (more or less)

Preferably own equipment, although a gigging amp isnt a must at the moment.

Aberdeen area, usually practice every week at Captain Toms.

We have a few songs, written on guitar pro.

Pm me, or comment on this.


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From the description it sounds really good. I'm a 19 year old rhythm guitarist and a big lover of screamo. I'm at Aberdeen uni in second year and, as you mentioned them, I've not long learnt the ADTR song 'The Downfall of Us All' on guitar. I currently do not have my electric guitar with me in Aberdeen, but I could bring it up in later April if needed. I have a lead too but no amp. I'd also be more than happy to contribute to the cost of hiring a room at Captain Tom's.

I'm not sure if you're looking for a rhythm guitarist, but there's no harm in putting this out there. If you're interested, email me at j.powlesland.08@aberdeen.ac.uk or text me on 07531415542 because I can't be bothered checking this all the time.


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