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  1. Right i cba arguing so we'll end it here, but I know for a fact that it IS true, considering i was the one that worked for it... I had a job for ages saving like hell. But yeah to the point of the thread i think robbie is more after something with a whammy to de-tune.
  2. Okay, yeah fair enough. I can appreciate the fact that you're trying to give Robbie some good advice. However, instead of just saying "no" or whatever, what about giving him some ideas on what to get instead with his budget? Another point, is that my post a few posts above wasn't me. It was actually Robbie himself as I'm at his right now and he couldn't be bothered signing on to his. So to be honest, I didn't really want to get involved in this, as I can see where everyone is coming from. Also, I didn't get anything bought for me, I bought everything myself, had the money and didn't see the use in getting equipment I'd later regret. Just to clear that up. But anyways, any advice on what Robbie could get then?
  3. if he wants one he wants one end of. he has had one before and liked it so wants to buy another one, i dont think he cares about people saying "dont get one" just leave him and if you have something to sell, sell it, otherwise, move on.
  4. could he up it at all? and could he come to town?
  5. Okay so my mate and i are looking for a band, but just can't find the right people. He plays guitar or drums and is happy to do either, and i can do vocals (scream) or do guitar. Influences include; A Day to remember, bleed from within, the devil wears prada... etc. David.
  6. right as i need money like today haha i thought i'd post this... iPod touch 8gb good condition, works fine. nothing much i can say, except i really need money today so if you could get into town that would be perfect. just give me an offer. David.
  7. Okay so i'm in need of money so i figured it's time to sell a few things; Pod XT -In fairly good condition, I have the box lying around somewhere, but unfortunately do not have the adaptor for it. I'm sure i could probably buy one and through it in, but i'll wait and see. 100 ono LTD MH250NT w/ EMG 81 and 85 -Good cond. except from one of the machine heads is a different colour from the other as it was replaced. This is not noticable and can easily be changed. The guitar works and sounds amazing. EMG 81 in the bridge and EMG 85 in the neck. It's in brown sunburst and looks amazing. It is also neck through and has 24 frets. 300 ono Roland TD6V electric drum kit -Everything with this works fine. There is a mesh snare and 3 toms, 2 cymbal pads and 1 hi-hat pad and obviously a kick pad. There is many sounds and settings that can be set and i'll be sad to see this leave. There isn't much i can say about this but it works fine. I'm not too sure about the price for this, so just offer me and we'll talk. Comes with a throne. Sonor Double Bass Pedal -Right handed, sonor double bass pedal. Works fine. This can be bought with the kit above, so we could sort out a deal, but can be sold as a seperate item also. 75 ono Shure SM57 -This works as new and has only been used for recording now and again. It is 100 percent real as you see a lot of fakes going about. Brilliant for recording anything really. Comes with box and case. 60 ono Some prices may be a bit high, but i'm fairly reluctant to sell some of these, but i do really need money haha. Just leave me a message or something. Cheers.
  8. So first off, I don't have that much money, but i'm offering a trade. I have a LTD MH250 NT in brown sunburst. I've replaced the pick ups and put in an EMG 81 in the bridge and an EMG 85 in the neck. It sounds amazing and works fine. However, a few months ago one of the machine heads broke so i have replaced it. It is not an esp machine head, but it isn't noticable on stage and works fine. The guitar looks and sounds amazing. This is a picture of the guitar from the internet, but it is the same colour and model etc. except obviously mine has EMG's. Okay so now I have that out the way... I was looking for an Ibanez guitar. I'm open to most Ibanez's, but i love the S,SA and RGA series'. 6 strings OR 7 strings Just leave a message or comment on this. David.
  9. would you still be up for a trade? I have a LTD MH250NT, got EMG 81 and EMG 85 for pick ups and obviously no floyd :L give me a shout.
  10. Looking to buy a ps3. I have an xbox 360 elite, but looking to sell that and get myself a ps3 Pm me.
  11. Right so someone with equipment looking to join a band? The Devil Wears Prada/Asking Alexandria kinda/Bury Tomorrow Obviously more influences but ones with some keys/synth bits are the ones up there. would be cool (: hit me up on here or add david6505@live.co.uk
  12. Okay so saw this post below and reminded me i wanted one haha. I'm just looking for something cheap but good. preferably with a cut away. Not really sure about makes, but maybe yamaha or something? Cheers David.
  13. You got anything going dude, i'm not a big fan of pantera, but AILD and ADTR are amazing. I'm a vocalist or a guitarist. Give me a pm.
  14. Okay so lets clear this up; by vocalist i mean screamer and singer. I'm after a kind of metal/screamo band. My main influence in my vocals are the devil wears prada, but i'm into all sorts of music. Architects, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red... Just anything really. However, the band i'm looking for is more The Devil Wears Prada kinda thing. I'm 15 years old, away to be 16 this year. Looking for a committed and talented band or some members to form one. PM me. Cheers, David.
  15. So schecter or ibanez would you say?
  16. Okay so i've posted this before, but didn't get much reply. So thought might try my luck again. I'm looking for a 7 string guitar, nothing too fancy, but I want something fairly decent. Preferably something like an Ibanez, LTD, Schecter or along those lines. I prefer Ibanez, but I cant afford to be too picky I guess haha. I wasn't looking to spend too much, but I would be willing to swap... I have a few 6 string guitars, for example a Jackson DKMG and a LTD MH250NT w/EMG's! Give me a pm, or post on this or something. Hope I've explained everything. Cheers, David.
  17. Looking for seven string, preferably; LTD, Ibanez, Schecter, you know all the well known companys haha. I could trade one of my 6 strings or anything really. Or Buy fairly cheap. Cheers
  18. you've posted this in the wrong place. This is the equipment forum, for buying and selling gear. Go to the musician forum. Raises your chances as well
  19. sorry im not really that smart at this haha, is that like a copy or something?
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