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  1. I'm Joe, i'm 21 and I play rhythm guitar and bass. I can also sing a bit and scream a bit too but not well enough to be the main vocalist. I've just parted ways with my band 'Montesano Walkway' and i'm looking for another band of a similar style. Preferably the band would play post-hardcore or something around that genre. However, I listen to a wide variety of music and would appreciate any offers of bands looking to complete their lineup. Thanks.
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    Send them my way. I'll have a listen, although I don't do screaming but could provide clean vocals if that's any good. big_joe_74@hotmail.com
  3. I've posted alot on here recently and people are probably getting sick of it. But basically, i've almost completed a band lineup and just need a bassist now. We're looking to play female fronted music, preferably heavier than Paramore (and not as clichd), things like VersaEmerge, for example. PM if you're interested, Cheers, Joe.
  4. Hey, I'm looking to buy a ticket to blink-182 at the AECC. I didn't buy on originally because I didn't think i'd been in the 'Deen then but it turns out I am now and I can't miss it. So if you know anyone with a spare ticket or if you're selling one yourself, PM me. Cheers, Joe.
  5. At the moment the band only consists of myself on rhythm guitar and backing vocals and a female vocalist. We're looking to find a lead guitarist, a drummer and a bassist who are interested in playing post-hardcore, alternative rock and acoustic style music. Similiar sound to emarosa, saosin, paramore, flyleaf, attack attack! etc etc... Therefore it would be good if you could provide backing vocals whether melodic or screams, but not essential. Looking to complete line-up, start writing new material ASAP and get gigging. PM if interested, Joe.
  6. I'd definitely be up for rhythm guitar.
  7. Hey, I like the sound of this. I'm 20 and have played guitar for a few years now...i'd be up for playing rhythm guitar. PM me if you're interested. Joe.
  8. Hey man, I like the influences and the sound of that. I'm a 20 year old student at the University of Aberdeen. I play rhythm guitar and can sing (to an extent) and have been playing/singing for a few years now. PM me if you're interested Joe.
  9. Hey, i'm a 20 year old rhythm guitarist and i'm looking to put together a pop-punk/hardcore band to write our own material and gig as soon as possible. You're the first person i've contacted so far...would you be interested at all? Cheers. P.S If you are interested and know any other suitable band members, let me know.
  10. Hi, i'm 20 and have been playing guitar for a few years now. I'm quite open to most genres and can provide backing vocals if needed. Get in touch.
  11. I like the sounds of this. I can sing to an extent and play rhythm guitar. I'd be up for something like Yashin mixed with Escape The Fate and that with a combination of screaming and melodic vocals. PM if interested.
  12. New band just starting out looking for a singer (preferably one who can also scream) and a drummer. We are wanting to go for a pop-punk sound similar to All Time Low, Set Your Goals etc. with Hardcore mixed in, not unlike Four Year Strong but with a little more synth and 8bit melodies. Perhaps with some dub-step breakdowns with hardcore guitar. Influences include: Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, Sabrepulse, Enter Shikari, iwrestledabearonce etc etc. PM if interested.
  13. Hey, Me and a friend are looking to create full band dubstep crossed with post hardcore. Looking to create a cross between dubstep and post hardcore (post hardcore/chiptune/ dubstep) Influences include Enter Shikari, Boregore, Tek-one, iwrestledabearonce, All Time Low, Four Year Strong etc. In time will need a singer/screamer too if we think samples just aren't enough. We're also looking for a drummer and a lead guitarist. Anyone interested?
  14. I'm a 19 year old rhythm guitarist currently living in the centre of Aberdeen. I've been playing for 4 years pretty much and I'm looking for a band in the Deen. I'm into all sorts of music from Indie and ska to hardcore and metal so I'm quite easy going. I'd prefer to play screamo and hardcore but I'm open to suggestions. PM me if you've got something to offer me. Cheers.
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