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This Is Colour, Uncalm, Dead End, Grader @The Tunnels

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Deenfest Promotions presents THIS IS COLOUR's Aberdeen date of their Scottish January jaunt.

The boys from Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk are signed to THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT RECORDS and recently released their debut album 'NO BRAINER'.

local support comes from UNCALM, with their new five man line up, DEAD END and GRADER will also be causing trouble after releasing a split EP together.

all kicks off at The Tunnels on Thursday 28th January.

doors at 7pm, ages 14+ and only 5 entry.


MySpace - DEENFEST - 21 - Male - ABERDEEN, UK - myspace.com/deenfest

THIS IS COLOUR on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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note, i'm also aware that Uncalm are not included in the title as it says Grader twice, whoever approved the thread changed my title, i've messaged about getting it changed...

Messaged who? Can't see anything here in Mod Towers...

Anyway better late than never, I have now changed it. It was me who approved it originally, pretty certain I didn't change anything then though.

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