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Oedo 808

March Through Wootton Bassett

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

"Don't you just love British democracy. This hate monger will be allowed to march his thugs down the street and the British police will be forced to protect their right to march and protest! Wonderful. The sooner BNP gets into power the sooner something will be done about these people.

You want to live in this country then have the decency to accept our laws and ways. If you want to practice your particular vile brand of religion then feel free to go to any country that will have you."

lots more of this great stuff in the comments section

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"We didn't let the white English fascists from going anywhere near the Glasgow mosque because quite clearly it was a act on incitement. For the same reason we shouldn't let the Muslim fascists to go ahead with this march."

Thank God. I was wondering if this really was The Hootsmin for a second there.

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