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Jedson Lapsteel Guitar

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I've Got a jedson here!

its all original! original case, legs, electrics, pups, tonebar, even has a little box of finger picks that came with it!

these guitars are famous for being used by a certain david gilmore!

it all works, pots are a little dirty, but i find that always added to the vibe :p sounds awesome for hiwiian style stuff, or how i like it, through a little 5W amp cranked right up! loves dirty blues!

these things are pretty rare so i'd be looking for around about 800 or a sensible offer!

also have a Black Flying v in a hardcase, looking for about 200 or nearest offer

and a nice big loud hiwatt maxwatt amp, 100W, great match for the flying v, but i've moved on to playing funk, so i need to get rid of this and it just doesnt do the right things for me, also 200 or nearest offer!

PM me if you want to discuss any of these things

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I like laptops....I've a pretty decent 'Commodore' which I got in an Oxfam shop a few years ago, and an ancient kit-made one (which is still in the hands of a certain Eric Euan member who borrowed it about 6 years ago) :laughing:

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laptop? haha

aye, lapsteels are great fun, but i would much rather sell this to buy a squareneck resonator of some sort

Whoops....sorry...I meant lapsteel. Senile decay to the fore (although a nagging voice inside me thinks they used to be called 'laptop steel gtrs' until the wee computers became all the rage.)

Resonators look and sound ace, but my feeble hands struggle with them.

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