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Arch Enemy - The Root of All Evil


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Arch Enemy have just released an album containg re-recordings of old tunes with their current line-up. Their first 3 albums featured a male vocalist, and all the guitar work and most of the bass was played by founder Michael Amott. Now being an established band for a good few albums and having a Female vocals now they have felt the need to go back and polish the old songs, with each member doing their individual parts

What do you think about this? not just Arch Enemy but bands in general? re-doing old songs to get us fans to buy them


I've listened to this new recordings and i do enjoy it! listening to the beautifuly mixed/produced sound by andy sneap with awesome vocals from the wifey has breathed life into these tracks, however i feel some of the aggression of the riffs have been lost

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I think its a fucking crock, the only logical explanation for this album is to introduce the older material to fans who thought Arch Enemy began with Angela Gossow - there are plenty of them. I fail to believe Michael Amott just needs something to do.

Gossow over does the vocals on these recordings big time, and all they have really done is taken the character out out of the old songs with their super-produced perfection. It was a waste of time when Anthrax did it, and Testament too actually.

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