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ESPERI+Noiserv(Portugal)+Amber Wilson+Kristoffer Morgan+Sarah J Tingle @ Tunnels


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AGP is delighted to present


NOISERV (Portugal)

& supports tbc

Tunnels - Tue 3 Nov - 14+ 4.00

NOISERV - We were going to do a wee blog but basically everything we can find is in a language that we can only dream of understanding! So we shall settle for quoting some of his influences which should be enough to tell you its worth checking out...radiohead ... sigur ros ... jeff buckley ... cat power ... elliott smith ... badly drawn boy ... dEUS ... pj harvey ... tom waits .... tom mcrae ... damien rice ... arcade fire ... blur ... antony and the johnsons ... air ... madrugada ... death cab for cutie...

Yeah that'll do!

ESPERI - Esperi is the project of Chris Lee-marr, who plays both solo and with the help of his friends Cat Lee-Marr (harp), Jon Adam (drums), Craig Arnott (bass) and Eilidh Glynn (cello).

Esperi have played shows around the uk with such great artists as Sleepingdog , Vessels , Meursault , Brother Louis collective , De Rosa , Trapped in Kansas and have an e.p called 21:21 .

"Its really difficult to put into words what Chris Lee- Marrs performance was like. It was quiet, bizarre, breathtaking, claustrophobic, impressive and intense; at times it was just jaw dropping. Playing solo, Chris managed to conjure some absolutely magical moments by combining his unbelievable guitar playing with some quite beautiful moments of musical mayhem. Whether it was by recording himself while playing then adding layer upon layer of instrumentation on top of the recording, or by his magical feet tapping bells while playing guitar, the outcome was some kind of beautiful madness. One of the most low key and laid back performances I have witnessed, at times there was an intensity that made the room feel as if the air had been sucked out and we were left with a vacuum surrounded by music. Set highlights Dialled and Proverb are amazing songs deserving of a huge audience." Glasgow PodcART

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