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EVERYTHING EVERYTHING+Findo Gask+North Atlantic Oscillation+Kochka-21 Oct@Tunnels


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AGP presents

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING plus support @ Tunnels - 21 Oct - 5 - 14+

Tickets on sale now at One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb!

Check them out at EVERYTHING EVERYTHING - NEW TOUR DATES! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Some quotes:

"Every song issued so far by Northumberland via Manchester quartet Everything Everything sounds like the work of a totally different but equally thrilling band. On Photoshop Handsome they're XTC-style brain-pop chemists, harmonizing about videogame jargon in a way only Field Music have the current-day chops to match. Dizzyingly deft." (Uncut)

"...a pretty apt name for a band who braindump as many ideas as possible into their dense art-pop blasts: spaghetti guitars, flying saucer keyboards, never-ending tempo changes and the most fiendish vocal harmonies since The Futureheads sung Beach Boys at karaoke." (NME)

"...a pulsating, genre-defying beauty, filled with inventive, erudite twists and unexpected, thrilling turns. As capable as filling a dancefloor as they are of sparking a thought, they're the sort of band that many an act will forever dream of being. Deeply exciting stuff." (BBC Manchester)

"...rather wonderfully this is strange without any apparent contrivance, impressively original and stuffed with ace tunes." (ManchesterMusic.co.uk)


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