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Dead Space

Le Stu

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Just started playing this last night. I was a bit disappointed at first but it seems like a grower. It's maybe a bit plodding and I can't say it's making me jump much, if at all. But when I figured out how to change the axis on the cutter, I realised that this is all about efficient limb removal and I can't see that getting old for a while 'cos it's fun fun fun!

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dead space was my favourite game of last year. fucking love it :) it's made survival horror good again

I have to say, Resident Evil got quite stagnant, unfortunately, and the controls in this are so much better!

I mean, aiming/shooting AND moving. Revelation!

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It's pretty good, some of the deaths are gory as fuck, especially the final boss.

It's definitely a one-time playthrough game though. All the environments are essentially the same, and zero gravity etc. was done well but isn't really an addictive game to play and the plot was pretty predictable.

Worth picking up if you see it cheap though. If you have 5.1/7.1 surround then you are in for a treat.

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