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Ahhhh, this is even more brilliant than I thought. I just figured out how to stream Spotify to my Xbox 360 using a combination of Edcast, Shoutcast and TVersity.

Beat that, dorks. :king:

Do tell how.

Tried Tversity a while ago (probably the free version) and had little joy with it. Might give it another go though, especially if you can stream iPlayer to the 360.

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Do tell how.

Tried Tversity a while ago (probably the free version) and had little joy with it. Might give it another go though, especially if you can stream iPlayer to the 360.

Here are the original instructions in Swedish as there are other ways to do this, though I never got Icecast working. Fortunately Google Translate can mostly make sense of them:

Spotify till Xbox 360, PS3 eller Wii

Let me break down the basic steps I took for anyone who wants to try this. I'm assuming TVersity is setup already and I'm running Vista. At various stages Vista asked me to allow firewall exemptions which may not be the same in XP, I don't know.

1) Go to the Control Panel, Sound and set your recording/line-in device to Stereo Mix. If you can't do this then you're going to have to use Virtual Audio Cable or a physical loop cable to route audio out to your line in.

2) Launch Spotify and get it playing something.

3) Download Edcast Standalone and the LAME mp3 encoder, extracting Lame-enc.dll to the same directory as Edcast. Set the input to Stereo mix in the Edcast window. Click on the level meter if you don't see the signal coming through, you can adjust the gain with the slider. Click on Add Encoder, right click on it when it appears and choose configure. These are my settings:

Bitrate : 320

Samplerate : 44100

Channels : 2, Joint Stereo checked.

Encoder Type: mp3 Lame

Server Type : Shoutcast

ServerIP : localhost

Serverport : 8000

Password : change this for security if you like but it must be the same in Shoutcast

Reconnect Seconds : 1

Accept these values. Don't connect it just yet because we need to setup Shoutcast first.

4) Download Shoutcast and launch it. If you didn't change the password then the default settings should work, otherwise have fun figuring out the hilarious combined config and doc file. Go back to Edcast, right click on your stream and connect it. It should say connecting and a few seconds later list the bitrate. This means we are good to go!

5) Launch TVersity, go to Library, click +Add Item, choose Internet Audio as the type, in Internet URL type this:


Title it Spotify and click Submit.

6) Now you can run through to wherever your Xbox is, start it up, go to music, choose the networked computer as the source. Spotify should show up in your playlists. On mine I know if it's working right if I get 'item 0' where the track name should be when I play it. This is because I can't get Metadata to work right which would really be the icing on the cake. I'll let you know. If it's doing weird things try refreshing TVersity or restart the TVersity server and reset the xbox.

That's it. Have a good piss around with levels so you make the most of the sample range without clipping. Since this is a resampling cludge it will also work with any audio on your PC though it will suffer extreme lag. Of course, you can only control it from the PC

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