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Carvin valve amp for sale 200

Craig WTW

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50watt all valve Carvin Bel Air 2x12 combo for sale.

There's nothing wrong with it. I'm only selling it because I've recently bought a Peavey Classic 50 so this will be my main amp from now on.

It's mainly just been used for bedroom playing. Only taken it out for gigs about 5 times.

Only 200.

Anyone interested?

Comes with a brown leather cover too!

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tried my pals one ...loved it...wish you had posted a month ago ...just bought a bugera 6262..for 425..to me it sounds quite similar..but its 120 watts...the carvin is loud but the bugera is f@:?@>:<g insane..anyone out there wants a bargain amp...this is the one.....there was a post about first amp or something...5 pages of opinions...if you are still watching BUY this one

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