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Marshall JCM2000-DSL401 Dual Super Lead


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For sale is a Special Limited Edition Marshall JCM2000

Specs are as follows

40W to a single custom-voiced Celestion 12"

Footswitchable gain boost on lead channel

3 totally independent channels: Lead, Clean and Overdrive


Speaker emulation output

Parallel FX loop

LED-equipped footswitch included

This is the limited Edition model with Blue Tolex instead of the standard Black. Only 49 of these were made so they are pretty rare.

This is an Excerpt from a review in Guitar Player Magazine:

Art Thompson, the technical editor of Guitar Player magazine writes the following: Their tight, punchy tones are Marshall through and through, these new combos are the mightiest minis that Marshall has ever made. Like its bigger brothers, the Clean channel of the DSL401 produces a wide array of crystal clear yet complex, clean sounds. It also gets big n bluesy when the channels Gain control is cranked up. As Mr Thompson so aptly put it in his Guitar Player review: The clean channel yields sparkling tones at low settings and increasing levels of fat grind as you turn up the gain. With the Gain knob maxed, you get a throaty lead sound that cleans up nicely when you roll down your guitar volume. Strats and Teles sounded particularly rich and aggressive. Sticking with Arts much-respected eloquence, heres how he described the Overdrive channel of this amp in his rave review: Depending on how you set the highly interactive Gain and Volume controls, you can dial in anything from pert overdrive to perpetual sustain and beyond. The DSL401 boasts the following rear panel attributes: dual speaker jacks (with an 8 Ohm/16 Ohm impedance selector switch) for driving external cabinets and an optional Reverb on/off footswitch jack. The most significant extra of them all though is this, the DSL401 has three footswitchable sounds Clean, OD1 & OD2! The difference between OD1 and OD2? A massive 20dB boost which is instantly accessible with a mere tap of your foot on the supplied 2-way (Clean/OD, OD1/OD2) LED footswitch.

Some harmony Central Reviews

http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/product/Marshall/DSL401+Combo/10/1"]http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/product/Marshall/DSL401+Combo/10/1]Marshall DSL401 Combo: Harmony Central User Reviews

The amp itself has been rebiased recently and is in great condition.

Would be willing to sell this for 350 but willing to listen to offers.



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