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Kitchen Cynics, Miss Becca and Jo McCafferty, Cafe Drummond June 9th

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A great chance to see a variety of different genres from the folk stylings of the Kitchen Cynics through to the pop sensibilities of Miss Becca and the indie rock of Jo McCafferty.

Tuesday June 9th, 3 entry

The Kitchen Cynics

Kitchen Cynics on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Do the Kitchen Cynics need an introduction - probably not, but i should anyway, so I nicked this from another site:

Alan Davidson of Aberdeen, Scotland is the Kitchen Cynics. Alan has worked as an Art Teacher in a local school for more than 20 years. Born in 1956, he didn't start making music until he was in his late twenties. Over the years he has put out many tapes and CD-Rs, but official releases have come out on the Get Happy label of Germany, the Pink Lemon label (also Germany), Audiobot (Belgium) and the Secret Eye label (Rhode Island USA). Although Alan has released more than 20 LPs, 7"s, cassettes and CDs since 1990, The Kitchen Cynics had never played live until being invited to join Tom Rapp onstage in Boston at Terrastock 5 (2002). This was followed soon after by a radio sessson for WFMU, recorded at WNYC. Since then there have been several live performances, with acts such as PG Six, Black Forest/Black Sea, Alasdair Roberts, Thomas Truax, Schwervon, Amy Rigby and Sharron Kraus.

Miss Becca

Miss Becca on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Miss Becca started writing and playing at the tender age of 15, taking a

huge range of influences from all eras and many genres. Miss Becca has

played regularly in various venues around Scotland, including The Tunnels,

Oran Mor and The Lemon Tree. Throughout the last year or so she has done

several live sessions for various Radio Stations including Radio Scotland,

Moray Firth Radio, and was SHMU Radios album of the week, as well as

sessions for Red TV, shown on Sky. Within this time Becca was short-listed

in the final 5 acts for Bauer Radios Rock Against Racism gig with Amy

MacDonald. Becca now often plays with the Miss Becca Band but this is a solo gig.

Jo McCafferty

Jo McCafferty on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Overtaking on A Bend Blog

Jo's last album Papercuts and Lime (released in 2004) was a breakthrough album

in many ways garnering strong reviews, decent sales (selling out several

pressings - and still selling comparatively well) and national radioplay for tracks such as Dangerous Ground. In the interim between these albums Jo has played with played with, amongst others, Midge Ure, Glenn Tilbrook, Marillion, The Dresden Dolls, The Bluetones, the Grim Northern Social, John Young, David Kitts and had dates with Donnie Munro

(Runrig) and Fish.

Jo is finally recording her new album 'Overtaking on a Bend' for release in Autumn 2009, this will be her first full band album, and promises to be an interesting affair.Her first demo from it is available on youtube: Running out of Air Demo Video


This should be an interesting evening with a decent variety, something for everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing all the acta and it'll be great to hear previews from Jo's forthcoming album in her first set in Aberdeen for over a year.

It also happens to be my birthday that night, so even more excuse to partake in a fewe light ales.

Hope to see some people there, I assume it kicks off about 8ish.

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I forgot I've a Glasgow Ivor Cutler tribute gig in July...that'll be the last K cynics one, but this one will be the last Aberdeen one.

I'm just fed up with equipment acting up, my own inability to tune-up properly etc Getting heckled recently at the Lemon Tree bruised my fragile ego, too! ;(

I'll get over my hissy fit eventually, and get another project on the go.

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