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Ticket scam thread


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Glad to see this thread has now been closed:


However with the propensity for new members to dredge up long forgotten adverts and contact sellers, I think it would be wise to delete the contact details from the original post as well - as long as his email address is still in the post it's still quite possible someone could get in touch and get ripped off. Even a non-member can find this post easily by typing "T in the park ticket aberdeen" into Google and send him an email without reading the rest of the thread.

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Surely anyone finding that would also read the warnings in the thread? I can't see anyone reading that thread, then thinking "sounds good, I'll drop him an email"...

In fact it's probably better to keep the email address visible to act as a warning to others in case they do find it. If you google 'neveradullmoment1984' that thread is one of two that come up warning about him.

The more info available in the public domain on this guy the better.

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