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Acoustic Bass


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I'm thinking of getting an acoustic bass to jam acoustically with some mates at home.

First up will this work? A couple of acoustic guitars and an acoustic bass and maybe someone tapping away on a bongo/tambourine/box in a living room with neighbours through the wall? (Also got loads of kids between us so not really looking to do a church hall on a freezing winters night as gigging is not on the horizon meantime!)

Secondly I don't play bass but used to be able to strum a G, C & D on a guitar so am willing to put in the time needed to get there but any advice on particular bass to go for? So far I reckon it needs to have frets and be with the longer neck and probably have capability of plugging in if needed but beyond that....? Big name like Ibanez or lesser known brand? Any second hand stuff going locally or should I stick with interweb?

Finally is there anyone giving bass lessons locally that would manage acoustic? Also best book/tutorials to go for?



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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

I've got a Washburn AB10 electric/acoustic bass, and I've jammed in the living room with my band members on it - works quite well.

It plugs in too. I've played live a few times using it in acoustic gigs - it's got a pretty good sound amped up.


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In general, you'll need a super big bodied acoustic bass to generate enough volume to compete with even a couple of acoustic guitars.

I have a Takamine G-series acoustic:


It's very pretty but it's needing some TLC at the moment - I went to adjust the truss rod and some wally who had it before me had damaged the truss rod nut. Luckily I can shift it with the appropriate sized Torx, so I'll be able to replace it, but who does that kind of thing?

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