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Subscription Benefits.

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One of the things you mentioned when describing some of the benifits of subscription was a forum for those who subscribe.

When these are made the people behind it often try to please the members with more and more special benifits. One of the common things are enabling html.

Although I doubt most of the members here would either attempt this, or know how to do it, with html enabled it's possible to trick people into obtaining their passwords.

I won't go into it fully, incase people want to know more.

But yeah, just letting you know that if you did think about that, it's a bad idea.

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Yeah, I agree entirely with your concerns. All HTML code is disabled in posts, private messages, events etc and even subscribed members will not have the privilege to use HTML code. The security risk is just too great to justify enabling it for them.

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Re: Different topic

Originally posted by Foreskin Ninja

Not worth starting a new thread.

Any chance of upping the maximum posts-per-thread-shown?

Even if it's only upped to 50, I like having threads in as few pages as possible.


True. But I'm trying to ensure the pages don't get too big for those on slower Internet Connections. I'll maybe up it to 30 or something.

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speaking of benefits for subscribing members, a couple of ideas:

  • no adverts (should adverts be introduced)
  • images in sigs

in addition to the ones you mentioned previously.

removing advertising for subscribers is something that I'd definitely subscribe for, while sig images will get a few more people interested...

Just an idea :grin:

(p.s. change :grin: back to :D !!)

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Although I have the horrible feeling I may eat these words in the future I have no intention of every allowing images back into signatures regardless if you are a subscribed member or not. Simply because there is no easy way to enforce maximum size limits on the size of the images allowed in them and you can be guaranteed that people will just take this piss if they were permitted. That is certainly what happened before.

Secondly, there will never be pop-ups on this web site (except the "You have a new PM" pop-up that you can disable anyway). Ads there will most certainly be but definitely not pop-ups. Hopefully the ads will remain discrete and unobtrusive but the idea you suggest is a good one. It might prove tricky to implement but if DeviantArt can do it then so can I. :happy:

And I agree with what you are saying about the smilies. I'll try and sort that out tonight.

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u not think that the "time of post" section should be at the bottom of the post? because, in my case, i usually read the post first, but if i want to check the time of the post, i have to scroll up the page again. its only a small problem, but a bit of a pain in the old rear end. 24 hour clock would be cool aswell. yes? no?

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