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gear for sale


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peavey tnt 150 with black widow bass combo

peavey 100 watt 2 x 8 powered extension cab

roland cube 60 1 x 12 guitar combo

peavey xr 600c P.A amp

peavey eurosys 15 x 8 x horn cabs

any offfer considered am down sizing rig....i'm too old to be carting all this shit around

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thats the t.n.t. 150 gone and probably the 2 x 8 ext cab when it comes back from being serviced...

still looking for buyers for:::: roland cube 60 1 x 12 combo..built in amp models..rev / delay..chorus / flanger.......the boogie amp model has got to be heard to be believed........( COSM )

peavey p.a. system ::::xr600c amp ..2 cabs...15x8xhorn eurosys.....never had the master volume past 4...

loud as @~@~.........

the roland is 1 year old....the xr600 has just been serviced

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