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Can I use a Winamp to upload music onto an ipod?

I am hopefully getting a new mp3 player (an ipod) and want to transfer the music on my current Creative Zen directly to it. I thought that the most straightforward way to do this would be to plug both into my laptop and essentially drag and drop my Creative Zen's entire contents to the ipod via Winamp.

Would this work?

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the only way your music is actually going to work is if you use itunes to sync your music to your ipod

No it's not. You can manually upload which means you won't lose music that's not on your computer.

Also very handy to have is Floola. It will allow you to upload stuff onto your ipod (also youtube vids, etc) and, more importantly, it will let you get stuff OFF the ipod onto any computer you hook it up to. Pretty quick too!

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You can use winamp it works flawlessly, just plug the ipod in and it will recognise it. Remember to make sure all the files you want on the ipod are a supported format, winamp will advise you if it isn't

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