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Just caught the last episode of this 3 part comedy-drama thing from the BBC, Steve Coogan as a gambling addict. Have to say I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Totally tragic in places, real tear-jerker.

First time I've seen Coogan in a serious role and he pulls it off amazingly. Been far too long since I last connected with characters as much as I did with the central characters in this. Everyone should check it out (all 3 episodes up on iPlayer just now!).


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Watched the first episode and thought it was great...

But I did felt a little guilty, as when I was watching it on BBC Iplayer I was betting online on the tennis and football.

Really did feel sorry for the guy; brought back memories of seeing a blootered Pele Paterson putting on massive bets in the Elgin bookies :down:

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Without giving anything away, if you felt sorry for him in the first episode, just wait until you see the 2nd. Holy moly.


I'll wait until the football is finished tonight before watching it then. I'm doing really well for bets so far this week and looking good tonight thanks to Udinese. If it gets any more grim for him, my guilt will be even worse!

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