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Wanted: A not insanely priced iMac/iBook, or information as to where I would find one


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I second RF Scott here saying that Apple Store is really good for any type of order, especially macs because you get them with free shipping (they are above certain limit of money) and Apple Store services are really professional. On eBay you might not get that, however you might get the computers cheaper (used ones).

What are you looking for?

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Apple store used to sell refurbished/or end of line models for cheap, if i remember correctly it was a really hard to find page probably for obvious reasons. Have you fully considered a windows laptop? You can install osx on some of them ;)

For information on installing OSx86

There might be the make and model of laptops which are cheap and easy to get osx running on

For cheap laptops try these dell vostros Dell

remember to get a guarantee of at least 2 years on a laptop

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