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Can anyone tell me...


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Originally posted by Gerard:

if there are any bands i'd like from aberdeen?

Base your answers on my 'listening to:' thingy and bands like;

Sonic Youth, ...trail of dead, pixies, idlewild, arab strap, belle and sebastian, my bloody valentine...etc.


Try Masamune for starters, they have some pretty Sonic Youthy and Trail of Deady moments and are pretty damn good in their own right.

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Well if you like Idlewild, Mew, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and The Pixies and you aren't at Fudgenight on June 3rd then frankly you are rubbiss. Those bands reflect both some of the DJing music and the bands so be warned...

Be there or be aware.

That you suck :p

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Well, *shamelessly plugs own band* you might like deadenstereo ;)

We're veering more towards the radiohead (aaargh!), idlewild, pixies side of things, rather than the more experimental stuff.. we're maybe a bit more rock than those bands though. Oh yeah, and we're based in Edinburgh. But we play in Aberdeen a lot :) Next Thursday for instance.

www.deadenstereo.co.uk has MP3s and stuff.

One Up has our split single with Stigma.



here's a review of said single from killthenoise.net

'stigma / deadenstereo - now (split)

this single features a track each from these 2 upcoming scottish bands. first off are stigma, with 'nothing left', a casual rock track with a touch of grunge spirit. it's a pretty pleasant and easy listen, if nothing that spectacular. this band have only been around for about a year, and it's hard to make any reliable judgement from this one modest song, so i'll leave it simply as a "watch this space".

deadenstereo are a little more of a complex case, going for a more adventurous and subtle sound on their song 'a perfect second'. they definitely steal the show as far as this single is concerned. this mellow and moody rock track progresses to an intense finish - fans of radiohead take heed - with fitting tender melancholic vocals throughout. the dark atmosphere created by the song is in tune with the lyrics, which are centered around the story of a man falling in love with his own (accidental) killer. very impressive - keep an eye out for these guys.

matt b'

what a nice man. so there you go, we sound like radiohead.

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