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[GIG] Allsationsdown EP Launch Night @ Cafe Drummonds

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Who else is there?

I can think of Bear vs Shark, Pull Tiger Tail and Tiger Army...

Bear vs. Shark

Shark and Bear

We Versus The Shark

Sharks Keep Moving

Sharks and Seals

Sharks and Sailors

Shark Punch (only bc they are funny)

Tunes for Bears to Dance To

Minus the Bear

Big Bear

Bear Colony

Friendly Bears

Clan of the Cave Bear

bear is driving

The Bear Quartet

Dead Bear

Bipolar Bear

Grizzly Bear

Panda Bear

Bear Claw

Bear Vs. Larger Bear

Bear hands

Grumpy Bear


Volcano the Bear

Tiger Bear Wolf

Art Bears

Message to Bears

Black Bear

Last.fm ftw

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there some good parts to that 'stereos' tune. ASD are sounds wads better than they used to. not sure if meant to but the end sounds all chopped up. spoils it.

not entirely my thang, but they are an aberdeen band doing alright for themselves, which is good.

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