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[GIG] 5 Years of GFN? Promotions - Punk All-Dayer


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GFN? (Promotions/Records/Booking/Distro/Fanzine) has been goin 5 years now! Bringing quality punk/metal/hardcore/ska to Aberdeen from the likes of Voodoo Glow Skulls, Beecher, The Great Deceiver, Red Lights Flash, Howards Alias, Sonic Boom Six, Captain Everything, Mike Park and Even in Blackouts amongst others...

To celebrate 5 years we've got a big one that we hope will bring out some old faces out of wherever you've been hiding ;) with 9 great acts on one day!

Headlining is the fantastic Rentokill from Austria who impressed everyone back at the Moorings Bar in 2005. Fast, melodic hardcore punk for fans of Bad Relgion, NOFX etc. They've toured with the likes of Anti-Flag and Good Riddance and are one of the finest acts in Europe today

Chief from Liverpool have just signed to Household Name Records, the UKs #1 punk label, and rightly so. Their positive hardcore punk can be compared to the likes of Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits, Propagandhi and will get your fist in the air singing along. Probably the best HC band in the UK today MySpace.com - CHIEF - LIVERPOOL, UK - Punk / Hardcore / Roots Music - www.myspace.com/chiefuk

Then there is The Living Daylights from Lincoln. Featuring members of MCD, they've been getting a lot of airplay from Mike Davis Radio 1 show lately. Great punk rock in the vein of Anti-Flag and The Unseen MySpace.com - THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - Lincoln - Punk / Hardcore / Gospel - www.myspace.com/thelivingdaylightsuk

Plus loads of Scottish favourites including The Hijacks, Dirtbox, Escape To Victory, Crashdown, Stratopsy and Tragical History Tour

Punk, Metal, HC, Ska and Acoustic Extravanganza

9 bands for 6...a good day out will be had by all so come on down and support the punk scene

Doors at 5pm and it'll start quite soon after so get down early

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