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hi there im selling my computer to aid funds to upgrade it so i have something faster for work that i do on it.

the computer is 1.7GHz processor, 512mb of ram, 120GB hard drive, ati raedeon 7900 graphics card, 2 dvd/rw drives, though i dont know what the issue with them is as they will not write to the dvd discs i have, it may be the disks or it could be the drives, but they do rip from dvd to the computer as they should the computer runs compute games very well of the same sort of spec as doom 3, battlefield 2142, medieval total war II, paria etc, but as i do a lot of graphics work n the computer i am looking for something faster so i can run more than one o the programs i use at the same time.

i am looking for 150 as the computer was bought for about 250-300 at the time i think, is in a stylish case whith a blue viewing pannel with built in fan.

it is just the computer itself you are buying,not the monitor keyboard mouse etc.




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