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Both our newest songs have high vocals parts that I find hard to sing. Also it would be great to write new songs with you if you are a good singer. It's equal parts sisters of mercy, NIN and drum n bass!

Here is the second newest, as the newest is not recorded yet. MySpace.com - LabAnimal - Aberdeen, UK - Industrial / Punk / Drum & Bass - www.myspace.com/labanimalab . The vocals are done in octaves, and the songs in a weird sort of middle-eastern scale at points, which we tried to get sounding alll phat, since the bass is super loud and theres octave guitars too.

But it took a lot of sherry to get my voice to go that high. Anyway, I don't really know! It probably doesn't work so well, considering we're not famous people.

Anyways if working with this sort of thing and writing new stuff interests you, you should get in touch!

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