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Gibby Zakk is gone :D

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I got my Gibson Zakk LPC away today finally after a wee while of trying to sell it!

Didn't replace it with another guitar however!

Pearl SRX Session Custom - 6 ply maple, 12", 13", 16", 22".

I got the kit in Marine Blue Fade which looks like this (pic isn't of my one though, just showing an example of the colour!):-


Didn't bother with a snare as I already have an Omar Hakim 13"x5" 6 ply African Mahogany.


2 x Pearl BC-800W boom stands

1 x Pearl C-800W straight stand

1 x Pearl BC-900 boom stand

1 x Pearl H-1000K hi-hat stand

1 x Pearl CH-70 clamp

1 x Pearl S-1000 snare stand

The other hardware I already have is another CH-70 clamp and a Pearl P-122TW double pedal.


Zildjian Z Custom 20" Power Ride

Zildjian Armand 16" Medium Thin Crash

Zildjian A Custom (top)/Z Custom (bottom) Combination 13" Hats

Zildjian A Custom 16" Medium Crash

Zildjian A Custom 8" Splash

Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash

I already have a Zildjian A Custom 10" Splash too.

Will get some pics of the setup soon I'm sure! Very happy though, straight swap for the Zakk! Nice

Also, just bought a Danmar 210MKD aluminium double bass drum pad for maximum bass drum clickage! Aww yesh!


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Damn!! I soooooo wanted to buy that guitar - and would probably have paid well over the odds too.

Ach well!

Aye....and kept it a week....you non les paul playing wuusssss....:kiss:!!


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