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Looking for Violinists


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Any one here a violinist or know a violinist that would be interested in doing some playing in a new project I'm putting together. Planning to do a regular set of recordings throughout the year and the odd live gig with the gigs tailored to whose available. Got brass players, singers, guitarists etc sorted but can't get hold of any violinists. Bizzarely been much easier to get violists and cellists, but i do know them.

If any one would be interested or wants to know a bit more let me know by giving me an email at mightymightyaphrodites@hotmail.com



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Its kind of old school jazz type stuff with a wee pop edge. Two female singers. Impressed that this post eventually actually got a reply. If that sounds like something you'd be up for let me know. The ideas changed a bit but not the music. Just looking to get a permanent band together.

If you want to hear any tunes, let me know and i'll send you some mp3's.

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