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Yes one of the greats beginning with M, no not Marillion, but MAPLE will be gracing the stage at Cafe Drummonds, FRIDAY 28th MAY.

The Beard will also be rockin', and they come highly recommended by eh me! So obviously they are gonna be good because I have impeccable taste

Someone Else Probably are also amazing, they just keep hitting you with melody on melody, rock on rock, harmony on harmony, rallentando, ritinueto, adagio, versace they've got it all.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Come along and worship!

TIME: Who knows? starts at 9 or something probably.

PRICE: I mean who cares if it's 3 or 3000, this will be the best night of your life, think about that.

WHERE: Cafe Drummonds, Belmont Street

WHEN: This Friday 28th May.

*Please note Someone Else Probably are not a real band - i don't know who the third band is, but y'know I have a good feeling about them. You should always go with what you feel inside, that's important.

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