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1X12 empty cab wanted.


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Ive Got 3 4x12s and a 1 2x12

2 of the 4x12s are for sale both empty

thats the reason i posted

My ones are loaded. I'm looking at selling the 2x12 and one 4x12 ...greenbacks

however, I noticed this yesterday in on Ehell.

Vintage Marshall JMP Cabinet Empty - NO reserve on eBay, also Guitar, Amplifiers, Pro Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments (end time 09-Apr-08 16:16:54 BST)

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Marshall 1912

Marshall VS 1x12

Marshall ministack cab (scruffy)

Various empty 1x12 combo cabs

Assorted cheap 12+horn PA cabs

Range 10-60, depending on the item and cosmetic condition.

Probably 10-12 to get it to your door.

How much do you want to spend?

I'll tell you the choices.

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At 60 you get your choice of any, really, so you can have a pretty Marshall.

What speaker are you putting in?

Different boxes have different resonance/coompression characteristics.

Also, what size amp will be seated on it?

The 1912 cab has a smaller footprint and is shorter than the valvestate.

The 1912 has side handles and the valvestate has a top handle.

I use a 1912 with an electrovoice in it driven by a Trace 150 head for small bass stuff...

...but the speakers are 150...!!

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