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The Pills/Josephine/The Cuts/Real Shocks

Guest valley69

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Guest valley69

'Friggin in the riggin' presents 'THE PILLS' all the way from Boston , USA playing as part of their current uk tour at the moorings Friday the 28th of May . See their website at www.pillsrock.com for more info. Support will be from glasgow band 'JOSEPHINE' who are playing this years t in the park festival. Local bands CUTS www.cuts.tk and REAL SHOCKS www.realshocks.com will also be supporting

check out www.exilestudio.co.uk for more details about the gig

tickets on sale at the cavern, one up and the moorings for a mere 4 quid....or contact the bands and we'll see what we can do for you!

superb, cheers.

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Originally posted by Keilan 303:

If I've money I'll probably try and come to this, as the Pills stuff I've heard is pretty cool....!

They've had a song on Dawson's Creek... or so I'm told. Though that's maybe not a good thing.

They still sound pretty awesome though. All the bands slot together pretty well on this bill, hence why I'm looking forward to playing it.

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Originally posted by betamax:

Le Shocks are playing vee early > 9.30 onstage

so if you you think you might like blurry films, bad fashion, screaming and synthesizers all served with cheese on toast - cum early

with images of ladies sucking of revolvers.... Mmmmm.

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i can almost feel the regret already

My number is 0775342933

I live in the middle of town (no, you're not getting in my flat) I can meet anyone who wants cheapage.

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Originally posted by Tam o' Shantie:

will probably get there between 10 and half past, like i do every friday, hopefully i won't have to fork out full price!

youll defo miss any shocksness that nite , but could be a good thing

we had the bizarre choice of playing first or last ?!??? ...but decided on an early start cos we are naturally fond of apres gig drinking and this way it maximises it

and DEMAND a discount

the whole advance ticketing and more expensive tickets on the door thing is a joke imo

and nothing to do with RS

its not the fucking AECC

dont get me started

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