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fully revalved mesa boogie bass 400+ for sale


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Im looking to sell on my 400+ to contribute to the credit agreement on on SVT classic

this is an original 1982 model, with recent service, resoldering & noise reduction mod and 16 replacement JJ valves from Dennis Marshall of Emmerson Williams (only MESA approved engineer in Scotland). The amp has been gigged 4 times since the revalve and it sounds fucking excellent. It has an awesome 7 band graphic eq which offers superb flexible tones, it has a very crisp clear sound with lots of punchy options and heavy gain options. 1st channel is a clean effort which suits those playing with fingers better and 2nd channel is a gain channel which is very very thick and when combined with the "pull bright" switch sings/screams/sledgehammers home. I only used the 2nd channel, and still found it flexible enough to give me everything I needed





I replaced the amp in August with an SVT classic, which is more suited to my style of playing and was a solution to some GAS.

MESA do not make these amps anymore, and these are regarded as their best bass amp they ever made. these retail new at 1400+ and thats for the newer models.

Im looking for around 915 for this amp and that include the 6u flight case too. I am open to offers, but nothing stupid please and do bear in mind that this amp is completely revalved (at a cost of 250 to me) and is in perfect working order.

I live in Dundee and you are free to give it a try.

Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ Amplifier

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