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new modey lemon LP


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nabbed this from Rough Trade :

modey lemon - thunder and lightning

finally a uk release for the brutally brilliant second album from pittsburgh's mighty modey lemon duo. guitar, lead drums and moog spew out raw punk influenced garage with a level of energy most bands can only dream of. think a mix of the mc5, suicide and the cramps. this is one lethal brew that seriously rocks - released 17/5/2004

Price: 11.99

Format: cd

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and the pan sonic box set is oot...oooh...I'll have to get this one like...and then install a 1K rig in my house, just to relive the experience!

pan sonic - kesto (234.48.4)

'kesto (234.48.4)' is a brand new quartet of compact discs from pan sonic available only as one complete set. the recordings were based mika's favourite painter francis bacon and his use of the triptych. the recordings represent a substantial new depth and vitality in the quality of their sound palette that brings a newfound life force and delicate violence into their music - released 17/5/2004

Price: 25.99

Format: cd

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