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imp: Francois & The Atlas Mountains + Rozi Plain + Lazy Sheepdog @ Peacock, 19th Oct


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interesting music promotions present:


Friday 19th October

Peacock Visual Arts, 21 Castle Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BQ. (01224) 639539

Doors 8pm Entry 5




Frnois came to Bristol from France in September 2003 armed with a guitar, Kaos pad, and a self released album. Spurred on by a frustration with the lack of inspiration or like-minded souls in his homeland, he immediately threw himself into the Bristol music scene. He drew a picture and put a note in a window announcing his arrival and asked people to make music with him. He started going to car-boot sales to find some instruments he could use, which led to a vast catalogue of old casio keyboards and childrens toys - soon to become his trademark.

In January 2004 he played his first live solo show, using guitar, live samples, a drum machine and a keyboard - played simultaneously with his guitar via his feet by ingeniously extending the keys with knives. His music was marked by a mix of refreshingly playful and experimental ideas coupled with a natural pop sensibility and gentle bilingual vocals. A string of high-profile support slots with the likes of MICE PARADE, PATRICK WOLF and GRAVENHURST, and frnois place in the Bristol DIY music community was secured. The string of live performances he has since played have all been eagerly anticipated and utterly charming. Musically, you could say he is reminiscent of STEREO TOTAL, VELVET UNDERGROUND, HOOD, and FRANOISE HARDY and yet he is also like nothing else at all.

Frnois also plays trumpet onstage with CAMERA OBSCURA, fellow Bristol bands MOVIETONE (Domino) and CRESCENT (Fat Cat) and skateboard onstage with HEADFALL (Spazoom). His trademark DIY set-up is now augmented by striking arrangements of harp, melodica, clarinet and brass - almost orchestral in its musical flair and subtlety, frnois makes for a natural conductor, his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering ambition shining through this new material.




Rozi Plain thinks that guitar tuner pedals are for losers. She works on a ferry in Bristol, she's pretty good at doing impressions of people's voices, and she produces incredibly lo-fi folk-dirges that stick in your head for days. Her new album will be released by FENCE next year.

She possesses a voice that somehow sounds like it's singing just for you, and her songs shine in your eyes and on your cheekbones like permanent summer sun. Perfect. (FENCE RECORDS)





Pete McConville is a confused country boy with a beard. His alter ego Lazy Sheepdog is an electro folk experimentalist. Come and see both of them.



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Francois was really really good when he played Aberdeen last, will be there again. Have a liking for what I hear of Rozi as well

Rozi is amazing. Fence only release 'proper' albums when they are really into an artist - recently Barbarossa and coming soon, FOUND and Rozi.

And the added bonus is the skewedelectrofolkpop of Lazy Sheepdog aka Pete McConville.

And the double extra bonus is that it's at Peacock!


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Guest idol_wild

Members of The Jinx / Wasow / whatever they are calling themselves will be joining The Atlas Mountains for a bit of an experimental set tonight also.

Typical. I'm unlikely to make it.


Friends suck.

Especially the good ones.

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