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  1. abfab jeez just realised the markers are playing here, this will be seriusly great freakout fun
  2. of course i will be looking forward to elbow when they play.........
  3. just brilliant likewise, two fantastic nights in a row, thank you
  4. stop your usual whinging about this & check the save the lemon tree website
  5. For the person who is supposedly in favour of the live music scene in Aberdeen your credibility just went down the pan through your totally ignorant post. Should you & lots of people be asking questions about the MULTI millions of tax payers money the council have ploughed into the AECC (20m+ I am led to believe) Because of ths overlooked council folly, the council has larger than expected deficit & The Lemon Tree is obviously one of many smaller victims of this financial folly. At least The Lemon Tree covered the provision of arts & music for ALL the community.
  6. Does the march also need lots of noise/press to maximise impact
  7. that's great news i'm catching up on, naturally very disappointed about The Lemon Tree but iv'e heard from friends Caribou was pretty amazing in the Tunnels
  8. 13days till its officially gone!!!!!!!!!!
  9. obviously missed out on this, what is it, limited release for tour only? Think Caribou's latest release Andorra is just beautiful & lots of new things keep popping out upon each play
  10. looking forward to mein een coming......
  11. Yesssssssssss this is fantastic news about Caribou, I was all hyped up to see them last time & had to go out of town, so fing missed I heard they were superb ya beautssssssss
  12. I'm speculating Michio Kurihara is going to play a wee solo set, now that would be fantastic
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