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anyone any good with vector based graphics?

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right, story time,

having done some posters for a friend, he drunkenly introduced me to a friend needing a grain card done (presumeably for a geology course of some description). It's a pretty specific piece of card with measurements up the side and sized circles for measuring grains of sand/dirt, patterns in rock, that kinda thing.

anyway, having drunkenly said i'd do this about 2 months ago, i've just remembered about it and beside not having time to scratch my arse i'm certainly not gonna have time to relearn freehand if thats even the program i need to do the job.

Can anyone help out? PM's for further details if someone feels like being a hero and doing it for me, prolly not much of a job if you know what your doing but i really don't. I believe there may be some form of payment in order too.


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