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The Ghost Of Fudge

Lorenzo Snow Collective + Amplifico + The Descartes + Atik Star

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Sat 15 September -

Lorenzo Snow Collective - www.myspace.com/lorenzosnowcollective

Amplifico - http://www.myspace.com/amplifico

The Descartes - www.myspace.com/thedescartes

Atik Star - www.myspace.com/atikstar

Lorenzo Snow Collective are three men from the cold and grey city of Aberdeen who write cinematic country tinged slices of music mainly about pain, loneliness and despair. But its not all fun and games - they also have a dark side. If all our failed dreams were personified we would be the leaders of a formibable army.

Amplifico are a well established alt-pop 3-piece from Edinburgh. Their tunes are quirky, sweet, epic, ethereal, endearing, soul baring, striking and danceable all at the same time. Their lyrics are both heart on sleeve and tongue in cheek. What holds it together like a super-strength glue is without a doubt the voice and the haunting heart felt melodies. Think Tori Amos, KT Tunstall, Muse, Ben Folds & Fiona Apple meet a rock musical, with the emotive vocal intensity of a female Chris Martin meets Kate Bush or Ella Fitzgerald and youre maybe getting close. They are a mixed bag to say the least.

"Wonderful - much more interesting than any other Scottish band I've heard this year."




"Beautiful vocals and deserves to be bought"


"Gorgeous... smiles not without attitude"


A message from The Descartes: It is nigh on impossible to impress everybody at once. This is why we have chosen to do what ever the hell we like. Life is far to short for pissing around and being half arsed. We just hope to make the greatest darn music we can, then retire to a Unicorn farm on Saturns largest moon, Titan. In the meantime we shall play and sing and dance and spin and contort our little bodies in to unearthly shapes for your entertainment. Next Year we hope to be the first four males to dig all the way to China. If we didn't have our dreams we would be nothing.

Atik Star are from Aberdeen, Scotland - Our different backgrounds and the different genres we listen to give us the options to open many different doors to our music. we're not setting out to follow a specific style... its just the music we write! So far on our journey we've played with bands such as: Flood of Red, Zico Chain, Ghost of a Thousand, Dirtbox, My Actions Your Exit, 2 Thirds of Youth, The Fractions, I Mistook You For A Hero, to name a few!

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you'll be fine, young jimmy bob

Sadly not. The Ewen house hold have a tummy bug and are on a rota for the bog!o_O

Nother fine gig missed



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