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Line 6 Spider II 112 (75W) Guitar Amp. 4 user presets. 6 drive types. 6 effects + dedicated reverb. Good for first amp or for playing small gigs. 2-button footswitch inc. No Box. I think I have instructions, have to have a root around. Selling to fund a bass cab. Will be playing through a tiny Marshall 10w if i sell this so obviously reluctant to part with it. Because of this I'm not gonna put a price I'll just open up to offers. Only ever used at home. Bought at the horrendous price of 240. I think they are going for 150 now.

Ibanez Weeping Demon WD-7. Boxed. Controls include Level, Q, LO, Range Switch, Range Fine Tuning Knob, Auto-Off Delay Knob. Runs on 9V battery or 9V power supplies. Get a bunch of 'killer' wah sound out of this including JD Crybaby. Hardly used. Bought for 90. Going for 79 these days. Say 60?

Got some other stuff including Peavey Microbass Practice Amp, Peavey Milestone Bass. Some cheap stuff thats good for people want to learn bass. Also got a Behringer Digital Reverb.

Got some other stuff that i've forgotten about. i'll post it if it springs to mind.

Cheers Huw

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oh plus if u hav a cheap guitar amp going?

and i mean CHEAP lol

i'm only wanting it to fuck bout when i'm bored play bass =]

did i read bass amp there?

i'll buy?

yeah, say 20 for the bass amp. If you buy the Line 6 and the Mirrobass together i'll give you it for 110?

How much for the behringer reverb?

is there nothing else you want to buy...? its not worth a lot on its own. that way i can give it to you for free. =]

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