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The Ghost Of Fudge

gigs coming up fae fudge over septemberish...

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Any slots in late October for a Star Wars themed Elvis impersonator and his band of scum and villany?

Namely, Darth Elvis & The Tattoine Trio!


sat 27 october @ moorings bar

Darth Elvis & The Tattoine Trio TBC

Mr Goodkat - livi - MySpace.com - Mr Goodkat - Livi as anyhin', UK - Progressive / Alternative / Rock - www.myspace.com/mrgoodkatband

Krank Solo - kirkcaldy - MySpace.com - Krank Solo - Glenrothes / Kirkcaldy, UK - Rock / Metal / Grunge - www.myspace.com/kranksolo

local support


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Sat 8 September -

MySpace.com - Radio Lucifer - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Punk / Hardcore - www.myspace.com/radiolucifer

MySpace.com - Deadloss Superstar - UK - Rock / Grunge / Punk - www.myspace.com/deadlosssuperstar

MySpace.com - The Fire And I - Rock / Powerpop / Other - www.myspace.com/thefireandi

MySpace.com - Bill Ely & The Catnips - - Punk / Garage / Folk Rock - www.myspace.com/billelythecatnips

Radio Lucifer’s history is an illustrious and decadent one - formed after the untimely split of Psycho A Go-Go (Changes One records), front man Jonny decided that the kids needed the exciting, decadent, sleazy kicks of his former group married with the intensity and righteous anger of old-skool hardcore with a peppering of metal. With this in mind he called his brother JIMMY LUCIFER, already an alumnus of a number of hardcore/metal bands, including the mighty We Become Less (Lockjaw Records). Jimmy of course agreed in a second to take on the mantle of guitar player, allowing him to exorcise his love of Motley Crue and Black Flag simultaneously!

Other members were quickly auditioned, until the line-up finally settled upon the rock ninjas you’re reading about now: ROBB, the bass-man from hell with a throbbing low-end cacophony at his finger-tips and the chiselled charm of a Hollywood movie star; OGGY, formerly of local punk legends KILLSWITCH, a virtual atom bomb behind the kit, and the enigmatic SAINT PETER on guitar; the baby-faced six-string samurai with the hottest licks.

Deadloss Superstar - "You will fall in love with this band guaranteed. I mean, basically the sound is like that of an airliner devastating gates 14-32 at JFK airport. Purgatorial salvos of punk-metal played with the ice-cool polish of the Deftones and an RATM-inspired battle-ready momentum charging through to the choruses. It ends with the lead guitarist firing himself backwards off the stage, the rest of the band careering into each other, the cellist carving out metal solos on the A-string with the oblivious demurity of Jacqueline Du Pr and five of the crowd attempting to build a human pyramid on the cusp of the fallout." - Is This Music? Magazine

The Fire And I are two people: Gordon Love (bass,vocals) and Hooligan (drums, vocals). They sound like Alamos or some foot-stomping disco rock acts. I saw them in Edinburgh, and they were fuckin ace.

Bill Ely & The Catnips are San Franciscan ex-pats residing in Scotland, where they mull over their Cajun ancestry and tell tall stories to whoever will listen. "Duke" Gene Arnold plays fat guitar and Mike Leonard plays full drum. The two combined are enough to make a child sick a shit.

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