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The Subway Sect , Play The Tunnels

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What's the price my man?

6 as I recall. And for those who do not know Vic and co, then check 'em out on MySpace here: MySpace.com - Vic Godard & Subway Sect - Kew, UK - Punk / Alternative / Lounge - www.myspace.com/vicgodard And... pick up a copy of their new full length 1978 Now, their long lost debut re-recorded using the band's original line-up. For more information and on how to obtain a copy visit Voiceprint Music - Release - OVER118VPCD

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Looking forward to this, our first gig in what seems like ages, music and drinks then down to the ticket office to queue up for Madrid tickets!!!

Hear mate.

You sound like a shit Kaiser Chiefs. :king::king:

Seriously though, was the first time I had seen you guys on Friday and I thought you were pretty good.

Was the vocal style supposed to be that way though? It seemed like the singer was pretty wasted and was just shouting into the microphone instead of singing.

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