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  1. I've got a gig and coach ticket from Edinburgh to sell as a pair for £110 (face value including the booking fee) if picked up in Aberdeen. Coach is through SeeTickets which leaves Edinburgh at 0930 on the Friday coming back up to Edinburgh after the gig.
  2. How much do Stagecoach Bluebird charge for a return between Inverurie and Aberdeen these days?
  3. :laughing: I'd go along with that. The band looked like they were on good form last night but the sound was poor. With the amount of bass from last night that is certainly a possibility. I was a wee bit in front and to the left of the mixing desk and you couldn't really make out the vocals very well from there.
  4. Does anyone know what tickets sales are like for tomorrow?
  5. ..on Wedneday. 25. Can either meet in Aberdeen today or tomorrow or exchange outside the venue on Wednesday.
  6. If you can't spell the name of the processor or the brand of monitor correctly I'd be worried about letting you anywhere near my computer. Must admit though, the blog gave me a laugh.
  7. That allegations is balls anyway. Some copper found a post on a forum and it is being passed off as fact! Coke, eccies, speed, weed, MCAT, methadone and bevvy are the rumours I've read elsewhere. :laughing: All down to cake, that completely made up drug.
  8. Trips

    1 Kasabian Available

    Boom boom!! Some goal by Serge, especially with those shoes on! Ticket is gone now.
  9. Face value of course. Will need to meet at AECC for handover.
  10. I can't believe how poor most of the chippers are up here for fish considering we are a port city. Goulash is the balls, used to love it when I lived in the Adelphi. La Stella over the road was cracking as well, been a while since I've been in there now though. Last restaurant I was in was Howies. I had the wood pigeon and the steak, absolutely gorgeous. Dinner for 2 including a bottle of wine, a couple Budvars and a coupel soft drinks came to about 75 which I thought was pretty decent.
  11. I think that is just his sense of humour. The last time the Bluetones played at The Tunnels he was taking the mick out the new record because sales were low.
  12. Absolutely cracking gig. Wasn't too sure about The Trade to begin with but they won me over. Just a pity about the twats at the back who preferred to speak to each other instead of listening to Mark. I just wish he had done the entire version of Slight Return in that Sting voice.:laughing:
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