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Professional 2.5KW PA system will sell whole or as individual components

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2 x vintage H&H 1200W power amps - 750 each.

Two speaker stacks, each consists of 2 cabs:

top cab

JBL horn

2 x 15" JBL mid drivers

base cab

1 x 18" JBL bass driver

The cabs are carpeted plywood with foam lined heavy steel mesh grills. They are to all intents and purposes indestructable. When errected each stack stands over 6 feet (1.8meters) tall.

The cabs and speaker drivers were recently serviced by Taylored Sound and the system was only used on 6 occasions since.

1500 total for both stacks

3 way active crossover switch with peak limiter - 150

Behringer Virtualiser Pro effects unit - 50

Behringer Composer Pro compressor, limiter, expander, gate unit - 50

Behringer Ultragraph 2 x 32 band graphic equaliser including spectrum analyser with mic and pink noise generator - 250

Yamaha 2 x 24 band graphic equaliser - 100

Spirit 24 channel mixing desk (yes twenty four channels), all preamped with direct outputs and in-outs on all channels. 6 aux ports - 1000

1 x Peavey 100 watts per channel monitor amp

2 x Peavey 100 watt monitor wedges

300 total for both the above

1 x flight case standard rack with wheels - 50


2 x Seinheiser vocal mics - 50 each

4 x spot mics - 20 each

4 x overhead condenser mics - 20 each

2 x kick drum mics - 20 each

various boom mic stands (very tatty) - 5 each

At 2.5KW this system is more than twice as powerful as that commonly employed by local touring bands. It is large enough to play virtually any bar type venue of up to 100 people.

This PA is ruggedised and of industrial strength. It is a professional system and at a level above anything you'll see in the shops.

If you want to buy the lot then 4000. All cables to wire the above together are included. The only thing not included is mic leads.

Anyone that attended The Moorings Bar in 2003 has probably heard this rig. You'll also see similar JBL stacks installed in several other venues in Aberdeen and elsewhere.

All components deinstalled and available for collection NOW!

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Have a friend who could be interested in buying the Seinheiser mics. Do you know the model number?


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All these mics are about a year old.

Spot mic = cabinet mic = something very directional that you can point at a guitar amp or a tom tom. These are a selection of Stagg and something nameless. They worked quite well with the old rig though.

The Sennheisers are the E7835 that's the SM58 equivalent type. According to their blurb they have 'added brightness in the vocal range' and I have found this to be correct.

The kick drum mic is a Stagg. The overheads are small condenser type they are a mixture of Stagg and nameless.

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